We are asking business, government and community leaders to judge 5-10 essays and grade them on a scorecard that we will provide. Scoring will occur from the end of February through the month of March.

Thank you to the following judges who have volunteered to date:

Name Company and Title
Words from the Judges
Interesting Things about Their Career
Jeff Hoffman ColorJar LLC. Partner & Co-Founder; Co-Founder Priceline.com; FINAL ROUND JUDGE    
Maureen Huefner (Retired Educator) Use complete, grammatically correct sentences for your essay (not language shortcuts used on social media). I love the energy and creative ideas of high school students!
Erina Calder A Comfortable Mind Life Coaching, Owner I can't wait to read your work! Life Coaching brings me joy.
Pam Tanchon Accents Salon and Spa Your voice is valuable to our future. Your future is not in front of you but rather it is inside of you! As a stylist and salon owner I get a window into the lives of many people. That view gives me opportunities to help others and enlightens my own life often.
Janice Radak American Heart Association, Managing Editor Good writing is a journey inside your head... I've been a professional writer/editor for 30+ years
Meridith Vachon Anna Maria of Aurora
Deborah Gilboa Ask Doctor G Write something you would enjoy reading. This is my fourth career - and they've each helped me get where I am today.
Dan Fritz Assistant Fire Chief for Orange
Kelli Perk Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Write from your personal experiences I like to paint a picture with words
Bethany Thomas Assistant Prosecuting Attorney at Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office You don't need to use a lot of words to say a lot. I get to use my legal writing and speaking skills to make the community a safer place.
Sarah Wilsman Bainbridge Brance of GCPL
Lou Ann Metz Bainbridge Fire Chief
Lute Quintrell Beacon CFO Plus Be yourself and write what is your heart!
Susan Cogan Metallo Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Real Estate Professional
Bill Shankland Bill the Bartender Be you...in your own words When you love what you do, it is not a job, it is your passion
James Sullivan Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP If you find yourself stuck, don't use junk words to gloss over it -- work through it until it makes good sense using clear language. It's very rewarding and satisfying when you break through and solve the riddle. In addition to being an insurance coverage policyholder lawyer and a business litigator, I also create and help administer promotional sweepstakes for clients (you know, the old fine print trick: "no purchase necessary, blah, blah, blah.")
David Strahl CertaPro Painters of Chagrin Falls Write to inform and illuminate, not to impress Our commercial division has painted such big names as Zara, Bar Louie, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Sears and many others.
Lindsey Walsh Chagrin Arts "Write like it matters, and it will." -Libba Bray I am a self-taught graphic designer.
Karen Lazar Chagrin Arts Think about how you want the reader to feel, during and after their interaction with your writing I get to meet many interesting people
Frank Zugan Chagrin Falls Fire Chief
Amber Dacek Chagrin Falls Police Department It is a crucial skill in almost all career fields. Everyday brings a new challenge and experience.
Helen Kuznik chagrin valley chamber of comm nothing at this time nothing at this time
Molly Gebler Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce

Brenan Rucker Chagrin Valley Jaycees Express yourself with your words. Raising Money for Local Charities and Community Involvement.
Dr. Nancy G. Wingenbach Chagrin Valley Women's Club
Stacia Clawson Chardon Area Chamber of Commerce Keep it simple and to the point. I was once the North American Marketing Coordinator for a major travel company.
Len Komoroski Cleveland Cavaliers
Jan McGibony Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Rebecca Ruppert McMahon Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association
Brendan Sheehan Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas It is an art that is very important. You should always be clear and concise. Elected Judge 2008 Involved in Both Criminal and Civil Lawsuits
Joanna Lopez Inman Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office Don't lose your true voice. Advocating on behalf of the State of Ohio and balancing that with what is in the best interest of the child is complicated sometimes but when justice has been served it is a wonderful feeling.
Glen Ramdhan Attorney Good writing skills are invaluable in life. It is different everyday
Marya Simmons Victim-Witness Unit Supervisor Writing expresses your creativity and passion. Write freely and express yourself! My passion is to help people and I help people from all walks of life everyday. Everyone needs someone in their corner!
Aqueelah Jordan Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Writing is a foundational skill utilized in every profession. Serving the community and the administration of justice are the cornerstone of prosecution.
Fallon Radigan Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Practice makes perfect. I am able to do what I love and help better the community in the process.
Feisul Khan Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Like almost anything in life, becoming a good writer is about hard work and constant practice. Returned to public interest work after being in private practice for a number of years.
Kristin Karkutt Attorney Many times the first impression someone has of you comes from your first written contact with them. I prosecute homicide, rape, and child victim cases. I also teach criminal justice part-time for Ashland University
Kelly Mason Cuyahoga County Prosecutors Office, Assistant Prosecutor Organization and structure are very important I am a Cuyahoga County prosecutor
Justine Dionisopoulos Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office; asst county prosecutorĘ The ability to write well is an asset to any professional career. My unit handles cases that are randomly assigned to one of 34 judges, so I am never in the same courtroom.
Christine George CZG Publishing
Kathleen Goldfarb Decorating Den Interiors Owner/Director of Design create a solid outline and draft by hand before typing anything; Please carefully read instructions and adhere to all rules, proofreading for grammatical, spelling and contextual errors prior to submission of you essay. You have worked hard and deserve to win, so why sabotage yourself by missing the basics? success is the result of planning (and small failures and successes); I am sole owner of a design and decorating franchise in NE Ohio. Corporately, we are 40+ years old. I earned my design degree in March 1974 from Miami University in Ohio.
Eric Synenberg Deputy Legal Counsel & Regional Representative for Ohio Treasurer
Stephen Werber Emeritus, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law good writing is very rewarding hard work left NY law firm for one year at C-M, stayed 43 years
Leslie Mapes Fieldstone Farm Therapeutic Riding Center An outline is key to a successful essay, Write from your heart, not what you think someone wants to hear. No matter what you do, writing well is a skill that you will always use.A winding path is much more interesting! No matter what you do, writing well is a skill that you will always use.
Jo Ann Maletic First Federal Lakewood Branch Sales Manager Be passionate about the topicĘ The best managers create trust and respect from their customers
Michelle Tomallo FIT Technologies President | CoFounder Find your voice and write with authenticity Never thought I would be a business owner--it's amazing how life evolves the way it does. My passion led me to this career path.
Christine Corbissero Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar A well written piece can inspire action. Although I work mostly in sales and marketing my degree is in Journalism
Shannon Taylor Fred Astaire Dance Studio Use your heart! Working at a dance studio is inspirational! You wouldn't think so, but meeting new people each day and experiencing their stories through dance is an eye-opener.
Charlotte Brett Freelance Writer That it is a process. Don't expect to nail it the first time! I like having the freedom to write and edit while being a stay at home mom.
Tom Robinson Gates Mills Fire Chief
Joe Watson Go Big Creative Lab, Principal "‰How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live?"
- Henry David Thoreau
I spend my days playing with skeletons and hot rods. What's not to like?
Allison Halco Dranuski Digital & Creative Marketing Manager I'm pretty sure the students can all relate to one of my favorite writing quotes: ‰"I hate writing, I love having written.‰"  -Dorothy Parker I get to do writing, design, coding and more all in one job - it's fantastic!
Jesse Haberman Insurance Agency Do your best not to self-critique
Things change on a daily basis.
Cheryl Cameron Highway Auto Center (Highway Garage) It may not come easy, but be PERSISTENT. As a Marketing Manager for a Mechanical/Auto Body Repair shop I've learned that social media is fine, but it is relationships that count in the long run.
Rebecca Tench Homewood Suites by Hilton Cleveland-Solon Writing requires constant practice... if you are passionate about it, don't stop like I did. I went to school for biology, began my career in the hospitality industry, and my real passion is being a mom!
Michael Cannon Hunting Valley Police Chief
Lori Marks ideastream
Wayne Myers ideastream
Abbie Leska Innovative Title & Escrow Services Writing is the most pursuasive form of speech and also is the most anonymous. Most people have no idea what I do or understand our services unless they have recently used a title company.
Cliff Babcock Junction Auto Family
Pam Lieske Kent State University/Trumbull and Kent Campus Write what you know. I teach freshmen writing
Katie Buzard Kent State University; Assoc. Dir. of Advancement; College of Arts and Sciences Take the path less traveled. Don't be afraid to write about a cause for which you are truly passionate. Make your voice heard! I have the opportunity to meet with amazing Kent State alumni who are enthusiastic about paying it forward to KSU students.
jeff griff Lowe's Greenhouses and Gift Shop Inc. It can be very rewarding to share your talent for writing. I am a 4th generation owner of my business.
Police Chief Kevin Wyant Moreland Hills Police Department
Trevor Gile Motorcars Honda Don't be afraid to fail.  We were the first carbon neutral dealer in the world.
Chuck Gile Motorcars Honda/Toyota
Matt Gile Motorcars Toyota - GM It is a life skill. You will never not need it. As a board member of the auto association I was able to meet President Bush.
Bob Ohlrich Writing is a skill you will use everyday! I loved taking care of patients as a RN-case manager
Christopher Kostura Police Officer
Sali McSherry Paris Room, owner My advice is to read great authors and write every day if you are interested in a writing career. I don't think talent is enough. Discipline is key. I worked in the corporate world rewriting scripts for commercials/videos for Procter & Gamble; then became a reporter for more than 20 years until my husband and I opened a small French restaurant in Chagrin Falls two years ago.
Bruce Corson Patient Computer Help Write like you talk and keep it short Started my company at age 56
Patrick Ball Insurance Good Luck. I protect people.
John Frazier Pepper Pike Fire Chief
Mireille Wozniak-Michalak Petiole HR, LLC Please list your sources of information. I have the opportunity to solve problems and help individuals everyday.
Pamela Routte Picky Pam Lice Removal Ask your teachers to talk about the scoring rubric! Community health and wellness care. Pesticide Free Head Lice and Nit Removal
Joe Mariola Police Chief Pepper Pike
Jim Cozzarin ProEd Communications, Inc. Senior Editor Write uninhibited. Then revise! I have been an editor in the health-science industry for more than 20 years.
Katie Ferman Program Officer, Cleveland Council on World Affairs Nothing grows without healthy debate and critique. I have the honor of bringing the world to Cleveland every single day through through my job of administering international exchange programs.
Jessica Dragar Regional Representative for Ohio Treasurer
Congressman David Joyce Representing the 14th District of Ohio
Erin Brown Robert Brown LLC Organization and creativity are important My career relies on my ability to communicate through writing
Diane Helbig Seize This Day, Growth Accelerator Sometimes recording your thoughts and transcribing them later helps get your thoughts on paper; Write from your heart I've written 2 books and have stories in 5 Chicken Soup for the Soul books
James Wickert Service 1st Payroll Have a compelling point to make. Be organized; Using good grammar and spelling are esential Started a company from scratch. Applied determination and persistence on the path to success.
Laurene Smith Service1st Payroll
Kim Skala Skala Insurance Agency, LLC
Michael Rizzo South Russell Police Chief
Cynthia Nairn South Russell Village Council
Cathy Hougan The Artful Yarn
Victoria Hudson The Bertram Inn & Conference Center The ability to write well will never leave you & will be a valuable talent throughout your life! The world of hotels is a fast paced, fast changing one that is never boring. I learn something new every week!
Patricia Saddle The College Planning Center LLC, President and Education Consultant When writing, make the words you use meaningful. After having several jobs, my current career is what I wanted to do when I was 19 years old.
Russell Elmore The Manor at Hamlet Village
Donna Mintz The Mintz Company, Comfort Seal Windows and Doors
Jennifer Speyer The Olive Scene - Store Manager in Chagrin Falls Take the initiative of putting your writing aside occassionaly. Then, come back to it with a fresh perspective and continue. I earned my Masters degree in Teaching and taught students English and Language Arts for ten years.
Trish Rouru Trish Rouru, Realtor, Howard Hanna There is nothing like the power of the pen! I have reinvented my career many times!
Abby Fechter Twinsburg Chamber of Commerce Always proofread I never have the same day. Different problems and solutions everyday
Brandon Baker United Way of Lake County; Cleveland Browns; Freelance Journalist There are no limits to expression or your imagination. Because of my diverse duties, I might go from fundraising to operating a scoreboard to interviewing a compelling subject in the matter of one week.
Janet Miller University Hospitals, Chief Legal Officer Writing has the power to move people to act. Live an interesting life. Be bold enough to change careers. Love what you do - both at work and away from work.
Christine Thome Vantage Hospitality Group, Inc.
Eric Golubitsky VIP Perks
Nadine Ezzie Weston It is just as freeing for you as it is for your audience - it can be quite powerful. I love what I do and no two days are the same - each day is a new challenge to think quickly and outside the box!
Yocheved Belsky ClearSquare Group, Principal Consultant Writing is about making a connection with your reader; your audience. Any time you want someone's attention, you need to consider what that audience will respond to. So know your audience and be genuine and honest! Was Chief Administrative Officer of an urban k-12 charter school- I met and interacted with many wonderful professionals, families and students.
Johnny Brewington Woodmere Fire Department "Writing is the painting of the voice." Voltaire Our goal is ‰constant improvement.‰ Our mantra is ‰we can always get better.‰
Hara Jene Ohlrich
Jodi Matsko
Stephen Crandall CPW Law, LLC
Nancy Rogoff
Jeri Raymer
Max Martin Attorney Improving your writing skills will benefit you throughout your whole life. I meet people from all walks of life.
Vadim Kleyner Brelion
Bill Radin US Department of Health and Human Services Less is typically better. Attorney Advisor for the Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals
Erin Stone Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling are important. They provide clarity. Every day is different as a prosecutor.
Matt Radicelli Rock The House: Founder/Owner I think that writing is one of the most powerful mediums. There's nothing more impactful than a purposeful narrative! We get paid to throw parties!
Sonny Ali Toshiba, Business Development begin with the end in mind products change, purpose shouldn't
Lauren Worley Artist + Talent Director Writing has always been my gateway to our world, whether it was reading good writing or creating my own. I hope this allows you to appreciate the joy of expressing yourself. As a kid, I always wanted to be a doctor. But after a summer internship at the hospital I realized I didn't have the stomach for it. My anatomy teacher encouraged me to pursue journalism; I did, and 15 years later became the press secretary for NASA.
Erin Kerro Toshiba Business Solutions ; Account Executive Many great writers read alot! I get to build relationships with great people within many communities.
Matthew Krug Action Business Interiors, Partner Writing is fundamental and the foundation for success in any career. I have a BS in accounting. I spent a year as an auditor and a year as an investment banker. Neither of those engaged my creativity and since then I've started, invested in and owned ten businesses. In each case, I've used my writing skills in some form.
Amanda Mormile Cherished Companions home care HR Dept Free nonjudgmental expression I review thousands of resumes a year.
Kyle Kopecky Investment Counsel Encouragement 40+ years of experience
Rishi Oza Robert Brown LLC; Partner People that you will never meet in person judge you based upon your writing, so choose your words carefully. Before I became an immigration attorney, I used to be a 7th and 8th grade teacher in Baltimore, MD and in Japan.
Bill Grossman W G & principle. HealthMarkets agent Be clear to the reader what your stating/ your intention Critically think through your work in logical progression Some say what haven't I done. I have had a wonderful journey with failure and success in numerous disciplines. Now that's ambiguous but true.
Amanda Lowe iSTEM early college high school/ engagement specialist Writing is the key to success! I have published two books on teaching reading
Valerie Kuznik Marketing Analyst Writing is one of the most important skills I use in my job every single day Previously, I developed names and tagline for companies
Jacob Boshart
Written communication and evidence-based arguments are essential in the modern workplace I get to travel and implement technology in an organization that is shifting its focus from print marketing to promotional products and technology
Bob Fruchter DG Films Owner read a lot and just write movie script writer
Christine Weiss Neighbors Magazine Never be afraid to be critiqued, it makes you better and we can all get better. It is still taking shape at 45 years old.
Jack Keane The Private Trust Company, Chief of Staff Even in the digital age, effective communication through writing remains extremely important for success in the business world. The ability to craft an idea or argument simply and effectively is often the barometer of success or failure. I have spent the better part of my career in leadership positions within the financial services industry. In that time, I've learned more from my failures than successes. I've also learned that consistent effort and "doing what you say will do" is a key differentiator between those who succeed and those who fail.
Julie Conrad Owner, Julie Conrad Communications Tell a story I have an opportunity every day to work with companies of all sizes and industries.
Richard King Keller Williams Greater Cleveland SE Be creative and believe in yourself. My woring with clients is not work, it's fun!
Maureen Foster Fieldstone Farm Therapeutic Riding Center Proof! Nonprofit Fundraising and Marketing
Art Vance Senior Account Rep Try to have fun! I work with Governor's, Senator's and many other elected officials.
Patrick Gareau Catholic Charities Doicese of Cleveland, President & CEO Write an opening paragraph that focuses on the issue. It should really grab the reader's attention from the very beginning. I spent the first seven years of my career as an officer in the U.S. Army.
Michael Roberts Orange Village Police Department - Sergeant
Devon Allocco Investor Relations Less is more. Also, don't forget to read! Reading inspires, drives new ideas, and introduces us to new perspectives. Everyday I get to work directly with clients from different backgrounds who live all over the world.
Rema Davis Head of Client Relations Always review your work before turning it in. That applies in all things, especially before your turn your work into your boss at a future job/career. I spend a fair amount of time traveling and meeting clients, as my primary responsibility as head of client relations is to ensure that our clients know and understand us.
Wendy Clawson Swedish Solution, Marketing Director Writing is one of the most beautiful forms of expression, respect it and it will take you everywhere. I love what I do and that is what makes it interesting.
Patty Hall Chardon Healthcare- Admissions Director Speak from your heart. I am able to help families at difficut times.
Cathy Digel Career Advisor with Searchlight Career Advising Support your position with facts and examples, so it will be more persuasive. I am fascinated by how people make decisions and navigate their careers. As a career advisor I enjoy working with young adults to help them make informed and intentional choices about their future. My goal is to empower them to find a career that will be a good fit.
Will O'Brien Sedlak Supply Chain Consultants - President 1. Be sure that your logic is well supported. 2. When you have completed your essay, then focus on removing as many words as possible. Brevity is a very powerful tool. I have been blessed with every position that I have had.
Roxanne Miller Director, Humanistic Counseling Center Active verbs make writing more lively! I empower people to make their lives better.
Charlene Hartson Neuropsychiatric Social Worker Good writing requires intelligence, clarity of thought, and self-discipline. My therapy dog gets to come to work with me and interact with patients.
Lori O'Neil Alternative Defense Strategies LLC, President Have someone other than yourself proofread your essay before submitting. We are changing the way companies think about safety and security.
Ford Fram Western and Southern Life Insurance, Registered Representative Say something meaningful. I was a school teacher for 25 years before becoming a financial adviser.
Mary Ann Valley Art Center Writing matters-it can be a powerful way to use your voice. I get to be part of creating a community for Artists!
Mary Glauser Chardon Tomorrow, Executive Director Be confident, be bold, and enjoy it! I started my career in technical and educational writing at the Cleveland Clinic writing website and patient information. I now use my writing skills for grant applications, public relations, and in my free time–just for fun.
Karen Wise corporate promotional products industry Sharpening ones writing skills is vital in communicating no matter your career choice. I learned my own willingness to take risks communicating unique, creative ideas was imperative to be successful.
Heather Elliott Imagination from Bug-A-Boo Writing should come from your heart. The best essays are not ones that reiterate other's information, but your true feelings and opinions on a subject. A genuine piece of work is one that reflects who you are, and what you have learned. I have enjoyed being a substitute teacher for over 14 years. I have 3 degrees, and my most rewarding time was when I assisted the special needs students in the job training program. I have also been coaching soccer to all ages for almost 25 years. The biggest reward is when I can actually see the light bulb ignite, meaning it all clicks!!
Hari Ender Hari R. Ender, Attorney at Law Speak it first. Ask yourself the question and answer out loud, so you know your direction before you put pen to paper (figuratively). Enjoy the process. If it's overwhelming, take a break. I can't wait to read about your perspectives! I have worked for local and federal government as an assistant prosecuting attorney and in the private sector as a legal aid staff attorney and consumer bankruptcy counsel
Holly Jacobson Prevention Coordinator/ Prevention Specialist Students are the voice to make positive change! I work with youth leaders (Geauga Youth Advisory Council) to make positive changes in their schools and community and help students from making negative behavior choices. Our focus this year is social media and its effects such as distracted driving!
DD Coley Consumer Tire Pros Write from your heart. Its interesting working in a man dominated field.
Kyle Miller Dominion - External Affairs Words matter. Served in 3 congressional offices and the most important leadership quality is effective communications.
Michael Henry Henry Real Estate Group LLC. You can in fact make a profound impact on the world with your words. Our job market and sell homes to buyers in this incredible community. I was previously a Peace Corps Volunteer in Haiti and went on to work in the field of international development for more than 10 years before entering real estate 3 years ago.
Steve Schneider Howard Hanna - Pepper Pike
James Althans Althans Insurance Agency, Inc. Risk Advisor It's an invaluable skill. I'm the 4th generation in a family business
Mary Ann Ponce Chagrin Documentary Film Festival, Director You really can impact someone's life with your ideas. I never would have dreamed that I'd be directing a film festival!
Bill Spehn Pioneer Waterland General Manager Essays are hard and require a sensible conclusion. Started out hauling trash off the Midway at Cedar Point.
Betsy Rader Betsy Rader Law LLC, Managing Attorney You can change the world with your writing. I represent victims of discrimination and whistleblowers after having been a corporate lawyer for many years.
Tracy Patitucci Halter Insurance Group, Ltd. - Agent/Owner Be your true self. Speak from the heart. I help protect individuals and families from the unforseen.
Vince Massa The O'Brien Law Firm LLC, Of Counsel    
Sheree Gravely Gravely Group College Advising - College Advisor Writing is an essential tool in careers and in life. And practicing writing is the only way to improve your skills! I love working with students looking at their college options! There are so many great colleges and each individual student can find one that is great for them!
Devin Hennessy Otero Signature Homes Tell a Story when writing. I Enjoy meeting new people with the opportunities I have.
Michael Lichterman President, Clifford Norton Studio Bringing ones thoughts to paper helps to clarify and evolve the thinking process. Worked for 30 years in Health Care Administration and the switched to photography because I wanted to follow my passion for the art.
Ryan Beam Pinot's Palette, Owner Writing is the most effective way to spread an idea and possibly change the world. Do what you want for a living and enjoy what you do. Make your work fun.
Laurel Worley Heater Howard Hanna Real Estate-Realtor Life long necessary skill. Not at all what most people think it is.
Heather Price Howard Hanna    
Julie Goldfarb Bush   create a solid outline and draft by hand before typing anything; Please carefully read instructions and adhere to all rules, proofreading for grammatical, spelling and contextual errors prior to submission of you essay. You have worked hard and deserve to win, so why sabotage yourself by missing the basics? success is the result of planning (and small failures and successes); I am sole owner of a design and decorating franchise in NE Ohio. Corporately, we are 40+ years old. I earned my design degree in March 1974 from Miami University in Ohio.
Ann-Marie Hagenbuch Peoples Bank, Vice President, Commercial Banking Write from your heart! Passionate about helping business owners acheive their business and personal financial goals.
Carrie Heppner The Neighbohood Office    
Dustin Carnish RiPT Fitness Bainbridge/Owner Learning to write is a invaluable skill. Don't be afraid to take risks. I am the owner/operator of two fitness businesses and an officer in the United States Army. I get to interact with and help a wide variety of people.
Susan Arnold Independent Distributor, Premier Designs Inc. Facts, Illustrations, and applications with heartfelt thoughts are key to writing to captivate an audience! (Make sure grammar is correct and humor never hurts!) Self employed for 14 years and also serve on Newbury School Board.
Dixie Singer Yours Truly, President Punctuation and grammar are still important. It has taught me that tolerance is power.
Janet Keane Mandel Jewish Day School - C.F.O. Writing is important in EVERY career :) Even accountants need to know how to write well.
Bob Royer Howard Hanna - Chagrin Falls    
Dale Luckwitz Naturepedic - Writer, Sustainability Officer Remember it's not about you -- focus your message on the audience I've penned everything from humor columns to financial reports, with a whole lot of unexpected in between!
Jeni Yonker Valley Art Center The ability to share your ideas will make you successful in anything you do! Troubleshooting is part of daily existance.
Michelle Sheehan Reminger Co., LPA Partner It takes a lot of practice. I am certified as an appellate specialist by the Ohio State Bar Association.
Anne Kolenic University Hospitals, Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist Enjoy it and be creative. I have the privilege to care for patients and families dealing with a cancer diagnosis.
Lisa Schwan Vice President of Marketing, Stark Enterprises Aside from being an essential form of communication, it's a creative outlet that lets you express your personality, beliefs and emotions. I have the unique opportunity to help shape the way people experience Cleveland through the places they live, work and spend time with their family and friends.
Ann Shanahan Behind the wheel with ADHD owner Grammar is important and getting your story written in a succinct manner. The only educational training about teens learning to drive who have executive functioning challenges.
Shannon Musson Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney F. Scott Fitzgerald said, "you don't write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say." Being a prosecutor is a way to be involved in the community and help keep it safe.
Kathleen Valerio First Federal Lakewood, Mortgage Loan Originator    
Bruce Berger COO/CCO Writing must be engaging, creative, have imagery and be provocative. I get to interact with people on many different levels.
Paul Marnecheck North Royalton Councilman; Cathlic Charities Board of Directors; COSE Membership Advisor  
Susan Morgan Millcraft, Corporate Projects Manager The smallest word choice can make the biggest difference in conveying your thought. Written communication is an important part of my job every day.
Jim Sacher Vice President of Marketing, Stark Enterprises Aside from being an essential form of communication, it's a creative outlet that lets you express your personality, beliefs and emotions. I have the unique opportunity to help shape the way people experience Cleveland through the places they live, work and spend time with their family and friends.
Abby Schroll Behind the wheel with ADHD owner Grammar is important and getting your story written in a succinct manner. The only educational training about teens learning to drive who have executive functioning challenges.
Shayla Ivezzy Career Closet- Founder No matter where you desire to be in life, you can "write" your own ticket. With a single page business pitch I transitioned from working at a law firm full time to becoming a social entrepreneur. Now I get to engage both my passion for advocacy and for education and impact the lives of students in Northeast Ohio.
Margot Anthonisen SCORE, Mentor Don't hide who you are. Let your heart do the writing. I am a pediatric occupational therapist and love every moment when with the children. I taught OT at Colorado State University and was so enlightened by the students. My avocation has been purchasing real estate for rental purposes.
Meg Pauken
Jennifer O'Malley Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office, APA Internet Crimes Against Children Unit effective writing = effective communication. Keep it simple and straightforward, structure is important, & don't forget to proofread! It's not always easy, but it's always worth it.

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