We are asking business, government and community leaders to judge a handful of  essays and grade them on a scorecard that we will provide. Scoring will occur from the end of February through the month of March.

Thank you to the following people that have signed up to be a judge
for this year's 3rd Annual We Solve Problems Essay Contest:

Name Company and Title Words from the Judges Interesting Things about Their Career
Daniel Fritz Orange Village Fire Department
Christine Weiss Neighbors Magazine
Susan Morgan Millcraft - Corporate Projects Manager
Sheree Gravely Gravely Group College Advising Writing is a lifelong skill and represents you in so many situations. Just like you take time to find the right clothes and get the right haircut, take the time to learn to be a good writer and practice the skill! I love working with high school students as they navigate their college admissions process.
Kathleen Bliss Goldfarb Make every word count toward your content & solution. Clarity of your problem statement & an "implementable" solution is everything. Be open to career growth & reinvention because this is only the beginning!
Suzanne Seifert North Coast Community Homes, CEO Write as honestly as you can and people will respond! I have been everything from a bouncer to a CEO
Charlotte Brett Charlotte Brett, Freelance Writer Don't worry about trying to get your essay nailed on the first try. Let ideas flow first. As a wife and mother of four children, I enjoy the flexibility that freelance writing offers.
Kyle Miller Dominion Energy - External Affairs Words matter. I've served in 3 congressional offices and the most important leadership quality is effective communications.
Vadim Kleyner Smartland
Johnny Brewington Woodmere Fire Department Fire Chief Voltaire "Writing is the painting of the voice." Molly Williams was the first recorded woman to serve as a firefighter in an official capacity in New York City in 1815.
Eric Diamond Westporte Capital Consultants - President Write your own truth and the rest is easy. I help communities reinvent themselves using entrepreneurship.
Kathleen Valerio First Federal Lakewood / Mortgage Loan Originator
Jeff Griff Lowe's Greenhouse and Gift Shop Pres.
Stacy Bauer BauerGriffith, LLC
Stephen Bales Ziegler Metzger LLP Managing Partner
Yocheved Belsky ClearSquare Group, LLC
Jorge Zapata TurningMode LLC Partner
Maureen Foster Proof!
Janice Radak Freelance Rudyard Kipling was right: Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind. I once wrote a proclamation that President Bill Clinton read in the Rose Garden.
Cheryl Cameron Highway Garage, Marketing Manager
Carrie Hawk Carrie Hawk (Chagrin Valley Little Theatre)
Julie Hanahan Traill Communications LLC, President "If I waited until I felt like writing, I'd never write at all." -Anne Tyler
Erina Calder A Comfortable Mind, LLC. Owner Be generous with the world. Share your perspective! A central part of Life Coaching is becoming crystal clear about the difference between thoughts, feelings and facts.
Bill Davis ARC Media Co., Web Developer "The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe." Like so many things in life, developing web applications and building websites is just the artful organization of words.
Liz Bencivenni ARC Media Co. "No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world." - Robin Williams I create content and tell stories to help small businesses reach their customers as efficiently as possible.
Mike Roberts Orange Police Department
Katherine Malmquist Branch Manager, Chagrin Falls & Gates Mills Branch Libraries
Rebecca Tench Hilton Worldwide - Director of Sales Writing is a skill that requires practice, otherwise you'll lose it. It is not like riding a bike! I grew up dreaming of being a lawyer, but realized when I was 23 that I was meant for the hospitality world.
Julie Liedtke Cuyahoga County Public Library-Orange Branch Manager
Stephen Werber
Mary Ann Breisch Ther is nothing as powerful as being able to tell a good story. I never planned on being a executive director - I just tried to pay attention to opportunities where I thought I might make a difference.
James Cozzarin Senior Editor, ProEd Communications, Inc. Write from the heart first, then revise! I was a junior high and high school English teacher (back when dinosaurs ruled the earth)!
Abbie Leska Cuyahoga Title Services, Ltd Attorney
Dave Strahl CertaPro Painters of Chagrin Falls, Owner Writing should be used to illuminate. Stay on point.
Christi George CZG Publishing LLC Create a concise thesis, prove it with your argument and support material, summarize argument. Started as a writer, spent 30 years in chemical industry in sales, now a publisher
Bruce Corson Patient Computer Help for Grown Ups; President Write like you speak...but speak well. Started my company at age 56.
Mireille Wozniak-Michalak Petiole HR, LLC and President/HR Advisor
Nancy Rogoff Nancy Rogoff Attorney at Law
Shannon Taylor Fred Astaire Dance Studio, Owner

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